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Anji bamboo, the miracle of how to use 1.8% to create 20%

Millennium City is the first Chinese township, Anji county, Zhejiang Province, as a 1.8% of the country created the national 20% of bamboo resources and bamboo industry production, realized from bamboo root, bamboo, bamboo leaves, or even to the whole bamboo, bamboo powder, the value of a piece of bamboo and value from the original 15 Yuan to 60 Yuan.

In recent years, Angie rely on abundant bamboo resources, and constantly open up traditional bamboo industry--the bamboo industry, actively seeking scientific and technological support, deepen brand-building, explore new means of development of bamboo industry in transition. Anji bamboo industry production value of 5.36 billion yuan to improve from 2005 to 2014 to 18 billion yuan, in China bamboo industry in the County more than 45,000 people, bamboo industry to farmers with an average increase of nearly 7000, fumin Anji bamboo industry has become the leading industry.