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Bamboo Cutting Boards Rotten Wood Was In The Sandwich! The Killer In The Kitchen Is There In Your Family?

People three meals a day without the kitchen, the kitchen cutting board is a must. Over the years with cutting boards, light requirements, more and more families began to use bamboo cutting boards to replace the old solid wood panel. But have you ever thought that these seemingly attractive bamboo cutting boards as to whether "inner" clip what material?

A bamboo cutting board cutting experiment

Hangzhou Wei at the supermarket and bought a total of 5 different price chopping block, 4 pieces of solid wood cutting board bamboo cutting boards, 1 block. Researchers cut off the chopping block and found these 5 blocks, 4 smooth bamboo cutting board inside is not a piece of bamboo, some are broken bamboo, plenty of rotten wood, some even in MDF, the pieces are glued together.