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Detailed Introduction And Operating Principles ForTray

   Pallet as the logistics operation process of important handling, storage and transportation equipment, and forklift supporting the use of modern logistics play a huge role. Pallet to the modern logistics industry brings benefits mainly reflected in: can achieve the packaging of goods, standardization and standardization, Protection of goods, convenient logistics and business flow, pallet and name pallets, splint. Tray by function, at least two kinds, a kind of daily spoken in the tray, the end of the meal when the dishes placed on the plate.Tray
   A pallet is a medium that transforms static goods into dynamic goods, a cargo platform, an active platform, or a movable ground. Even if the loss of flexibility on the ground of the goods, once loaded with pallets will be immediately active, become flexible mobile goods, because the cargo on pallets, at all times in the ready to move into the movement of the state. The dynamic loading and unloading method, which is made up of pallets as basic tools, is called pallet operation. Pallet operation can not only significantly improve the loading and unloading effect, its implementation, so that the form of warehouse buildings, the structure of ships, railways and other modes of transport and handling facilities and management organizations have changed. In the packaging of goods, the Promotion of packaging standardization and modularity, and even to the loading and unloading of the general mode of production activities will have a significant impact. With the production equipment more and more sophisticated, automation more and more high, the basic terminology involved in the production of pallets increasingly strong planning and management methods gradually advanced, the process of handling and supply of materials and semi-finished products to the production line is becoming more and more important.Tray
    The most important principle of handling operation is the principle of least amount of work. That is, when the goods move as far as possible to reduce the "two handling" and "temporary parking", so as to minimize the number of removal. In order to improve the efficiency of transportation, the operators certainly want to reduce the reprint work as much as possible. However, there are a lot of accidents in transit. For example, when railroad work, the transportation on the line is completed once, but the operation before and after it takes at least 6 to 8 times. If this 6 to 8 times to change the operation of the pallet on the goods to transfer to other pallets, then the whole process of loading and unloading work is very heavy, this will lose the effect of pallet transport. On the other hand, if the goods in the original loading tray, no matter how complex the way of cargo storage and transportation process, do not change the status of the goods on the pallet, direct to the end, you can give full play to the effect of pallet transport.Tray