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Metal Tray

                A pallet is a horizontal platform device for loading, stacking, transporting, and transporting goods and products placed as a unit load. Generally made of wood, metal, fibreboard, easy handling, handling units and small quantities of materials. The main types of pallets are woody, plastic, metal and other materials are now the most widely used, because the price is cheap, strong, plastic pallets are relatively expensive, small load, but with the progress of the plastic pallet manufacturing process, some high load plastic pallets have appeared, is slowly replacing the wooden pallet. The metal pallet is durable, the disadvantage is easy to corrode and the price is higher.Tray

                The Chinese national standard "logistics term" defines the pallet (pallet) as a horizontal platform device for loading, stacking, transporting and transporting goods and products placed as unit loads. As a kind of container assembly equipment, the pallet has been widely used in the fields of production, transportation, warehousing and circulation, and is considered as one of the two key innovations in the logistics industry in the 20th century. Pallet as the logistics operation process of important handling, storage and transportation equipment, and forklift supporting the use of modern logistics play a huge role. Pallet to modern logistics industry brings benefits mainly reflected in: can achieve the packaging of goods, standardization and standardization, Protection of Goods, facilitate logistics and business flow Tray

                The use of High-quality special profile manufacturing, rugged and durable, no maintenance, long service life, surface galvanized or electrostatic spray treatment, applicable to various industries, a variety of occasions, a wide range of use, according to the load and use requirements, there are a variety of structure and specifications.Tray

                The advantages of the metal pallet are strongest in the pallet. With the development of new materials and more new technologies for metal pallet manufacturing, the future metal pallets can discard the quality of the heavier and maintain the advantages of environmental protection and orderly use.Tray