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Storage Methods Of Storage Rack

"According to our current experience, in the field of the implementation of the shelves system, all the projects have to be discussed.We are responsible for the preliminary work, according to different conditions to drive the shelf automation design, in the field of low-temperature storage, this work has a good application "The automatic control of the warehousing and storage processes of the storage system allows the two main costs of freezing operations and personnel costs to be minimized. This technology is best suited for full tray storage.Storage Rack

"For reasons of cost, in the field of low-temperature refrigeration, roadway storage technology has become a more standard type of construction." The company's general manager. In a roadway can be placed up to 12 pallets, so the warehouse system can be made of compact and economical. In addition, since the "roadway reverse system" is used, the tray can be removed by the RBG device on the opposite side of the roadway. For horizontal and vertical picking occasions, the company used a special weight for more than 1000kg tray three-point storage system, which requires the division of road vehicles.Storage Rack

The use of standard low-temperature reservoir is enough, or the need for each user to provide a separate design of the storage system? "I have not experienced a full set of standard warehousing systems," he says, "each project has its 'uniqueness', so different areas such as IT, transportation, storage and other technical solutions will be different. "In general, the supply of spare parts is not a problem, but the system configuration of each device, it is in accordance with the characteristics of the user to carry out.Storage Rack

Low-temperature storage technology in today only a few of the few professional manufacturers to do, the company can emphasize that it can usually provide the existing standard-type technical equipment for users to achieve low-temperature warehouse. "Obviously standard equipment has become an important product for end users.Storage Rack