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Swivel Shoe Rack

             A multi-functional rotating shoe rack, including the body of the shoe holder, the inside of the protective cover is equipped with motor, the motor is connected with the reducer, the baffle is equipped with a pressure sensor, and the side of the shoe body is provided with a transparent board, and the reducer is connected with the transparent board, and the lower part the two sides of the dehumidifier are provided with a universal wheel, the top of the shoe rack body is provided with a drying box, and the lower part of the supporting frame is provided with an electric heating plate, which can effectively save the space occupied by the shoe holder, through a plurality of baffle panels on the outer side of the protective hood Can greatly improve the capacity of the shoe racks, and can make the use of shoe racks more intelligent, let people use more convenient, through the shoe rack at the top of the drying box, so that the shoe rack has the function of drying, significantly improve the practicality of the shoe rack, can effectively prevent the breeding of bacteria in the shoe racks, protect the body's foot health, improve the service life of shoes.Shoe Rack

             A 360-degree rotating shoe rack can be stacked with a shoe rack, including a shoe holder sole, the shoe frame monomer is vertically superimposed on the shoe holder, and a upper and lower connection head is arranged on the shoe holder monomer, wherein the main stem of the shoe holder comprises two short foot shoe holder main bar and two long leg shoe frame main rod, and a plurality of sloping shoe racks are arranged between the main rod of the short foot shoe frame and the main rod of the long leg shoe frame, and the Benduan of the shoe frame panel is connected with the connecting head, which is arranged adjacent to the two short foot shoe holder. A shoe frame is connected to the bottom of the shoe frame fixed long legs and a fixed short foot of the shoe frame.Shoe Rack

             The utility model relates to a 360-degree rotating shoe frame, which can be used to move and rotate the shoe frame in a shoe frame fixed long legs and the bottom of a fixed short foot of the shoe frame, which is convenient to use.Shoe Rack