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Types And Related Characteristics Of Storage Racks

     There are many types of storage racks, such as multiple-layer storage racks, folding storage racks, attachment-type storage racks and automatic type storage racks. The commercial storage shelves are classified more carefully. The classification of storage racks: 1, scattered pieces of storage racks: combined with the back hanging parts box and multi-purpose hook accessories, not only suitable for various types of material finishing, more suitable for small materials, tools, parts and all kinds of special-shaped items for safekeeping classification, fully effective use of space. Hook with the square hole hanging plate, can arbitrarily transform the hole position, positioning fast, safe and secure, to meet the various tools of the fixed management, to save time to find; back hanging parts box and louver hanging plate with the use, hanging easy, with color labels, small materials, parts can use color management classification storage; 2, box loading storage racks: Can be divided into multi-layer display of goods, the following wheels, when not used can be folded, greatly saving the warehouse space; 3, stacking rack: can be folded stacking and foldable stacking two kinds, The non-standard shape goods such as tires are stored separately.Storage Rack
     Storage racks features lightweight and convenient, simple installation and disassembly, easy to use, can be placed in offices, warehouses and other places to use, for the collation and induction of goods have a very good role, and do not occupy space, design reasonable, in line with the three-dimensional structure. Many people like to put the sofa on the living room wall, the sofa after the large wall space is wasted, as well as in the wall and the sofa storage cabinets or storage racks, not only to receive living room debris, but also a good decorative effect oh, together to see 8 of the storage racks to create a different sofa background wall. To the roof of the lattice size, patchwork, so that the high level of the living room wall more layer, the lattice can put some decorative small objects, but also with small storage boxes together to store not too beautiful sundries.Storage Rack
    Decent but concise and generous bookshelf, can use the space behind the sofa to make a small study, bookcases with small decorative effect better. Horizontal fill the entire sofa space after the storage shelf, there is enough position to put down all the books, CD, etc., shelves can also be used as decoration or decorative painting platform. The height of the storage grid can also be spelled into the effect of chic sofa background wall, for the exhibition owner's collection, is also very good ideas.Storage Rack